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Friday, June 09, 2006

I Wanna Publish a Book, I Wanna Be on Oprah, I Wanna ...

Why? I truly wonder how often anyone who says these things asks themselves why they want to do that. It is so time consuming, such a tough road to hoe, so little compensation when it's all said and done, and so potentially unsatisfying in so many ways. The ROI is in the pits. Speaking of Return on your Investment, the traditional publishing industry is fraught with returns, on top of everything else! Not my idea of a good time. Is it yours?

The week of May 16, I was in Washington, DC presenting a workshop of my own (How to Sell a Million Copies of Your Info Products to Corporations) and speaking at two sessions of a conference. The conference was the Publishers Marketing Association annual university. (www.pma-online.org) Lots of authors, publishers, and vendors to the traditional publishing industry. Lots of people who wanna publish a book and lots of people who already have. Lots of people who see the end-all-be-all as getting onto the Oprah show.

Is it fame, glory, ego, 15 minutes in the splotlight? Or is it a desire to get a message to as many people as possible and earn some decent money in the process. My hunch is that it's one of those two things if not both.

There's so many easier and more lucrative ways to get your message to a large Universe of people. Write a tips booklet or two or even three. Sell them in bulk, by the hundreds of thousands or millions, to anyone other than traditional bookstores. Your message will reach many more people faster and easier, and your bank account will fatten out much faster.

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