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Monday, December 04, 2006

Booklets and Inc. Magazine

Inc. Magazine, "The Handbook of the American Entreprenuer," has a superb model of ways to use booklets in its December issue. If you are not a subscriber of this publication, you would do well to track down a copy of this issue so you can see for yourself what they did and have a model to show your bulk buyers.

A page of card stock (heavier weight paper than their regular pages) was inserted in between pages 52 and 53. On that page was glued a 5" x 5" booklet called "Confessions of Working Wealth." It's from Smith Barney, the financial people. Yes, this is a different size booklet than typically discussed, and yes, it's more elaborately illustrated, and yes, it's got content other than traditional tips. However, there's every reason in the world to bring this to the attention of your very large prospects as a way to use your pre-existing content and their pre-existing advertising budget for a unique presence in a print magazine, who, by the way, will also be delighted at the increased revenue. What a win in every direction!

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