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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Questions Lead to Increased Exposure

I'm a big fan of Marcia Yudkin's work. Here's something that can be very helpful to you in getting more press. See what you think.

                   ** The Marketing Minute **
brought to you every Wednesday
by Marcia Yudkin

Marketing Consultant, Author, Speaker


An article in USA Weekend recently caught my eye, headlined,
"The most misunderstood dogs in America." The author asked
four dog experts which five breeds are most often abandoned.
The article cited widespread misunderstandings of the dogs'
needs and behaviors to explain why owners so frequently left
these breeds at animal shelters.

Not only was it fascinating reading, it set off a cascade of
ideas on how practically anyone can follow the model of this
article to get publicity. Here's how.

First, think up a captivating question that you've not seen
or heard discussed and that relates to your expertise. Your
question should call for a specific yet unpredictable answer,
not "yes" or "no."

Second, pose your question to a few experts or to 100+
people in a certain category (mothers, CFOs, inventors,
stockbrokers, etc.).

Third, summarize the responses in a press release, including
your insightful comments and a paragraph on who you are.

Distribute the release, and voila! You'll get publicity.

For a camera store, the question could be: "What frustrates
you most about your digital camera?"

Your question could be...?

NOTE FROM PAULETTE: Marcia has an interesting service to
help with implementing the blueprint above, consulting
with you to come up with your intriguing question,
writing a newsworthy press release and assisting with
distribution of the release to national media and
reporters in your niche. She also has other publicity
24 Press Release Makeovers & 99 Successful Press Releases


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Until next time,
Paulette - who can never get enough marketing tips


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