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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Influenced by Others' Results

Does it matter to you what results someone else has had with their booklets? This is posed as a serious question. When I wrote my own booklet in 1991, I knew someone else had done a booklet, and it seemed like something I could do. However there was never a consideration about what the booklet had accomplished for that person. It was a product I saw as do-able, something that could be sold, and something to market my business at the same time. Maybe my natural trailblazer wiring kept the focus to 'just do it' instead of asking what someone else had done.

You may be wired differently and find your confidence and encouragement in testimonials and case studies about what other people have accomplished or experienced. It can be tough to bump up against a person who asks what difference it makes in what someone else has done. You are here to cut your own unique trail with your booklet. It could look something like what a trailblazer did, yet there is no doubt the journey you take will be yours and yours alone.

So look if you'd like at what somebody else has accomplished, to get some ideas of ways you might go. Rest assured their successes happened because of who they are. The components of what makes you your own person will dictate the results you get. Amazing grasp of the obvious? Probably. Yet it needed to be said in answer to a recent query by someone who will most definitely succeed in getting the results uniquely theirs to get.

Until next time,
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