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Friday, June 16, 2006

The Prospect Will See You Now

'Just saw this in one of my favorite ezines, SpeakerNetNews.com It jumped out at me for all those calls to bulk booklet sales prospects, who really do want to hear from you, no matter how hard they are to reach.

According to the American Telemarketing Association, you have a 5 times better chance of reaching your prospect over the phone between 9 and 10 am their time than any other time of the day.

Furthermore, research shows that you are twice as likely to close a prospect that you see or call at the end of the day, after your "last call," than at any other time. Maybe it's because you are relaxed or in a good mood because you are done working. So when you're all done for the day, make one more call. It might be your best.

It may be worth experimenting to see how your results are impacted.

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