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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Free Booklets Makes Sense Sometimes

Over the years, booklet authors have chosen to use booklets as a marketing tool in many ways. Some sell them, thus marketing their business at the same time. Others hand them out free, whch leads to sales of the booklet as well as other products and services. Here's some examples of when free worked well.


1) When I was teaching my yoga class, I decided to give out my booklet as a free gift. It is called "How to Stay Balanced During Stressful Situations". A financial planner in my class contacted me to order 500 for her clients. She said that many related to her as a counselor and this would be a nice present for them. She re-ordered a second time as well.

2) I placed around 50 copies of my booklet at a local health food store and received a phone call from someone who was looking for individual counseling. I saw her in individual counseling for personal issues.

Both of these contacts were the result of giving away my booklet for free.

Debbie Cohen, LCSW
How to Stay Balanced During Stressful Situations


Thanks, Debbie. And by the way, as Debbie mentioned, a financial planner bought some of her booklets as a result of receiving one free. Financial planners have historically been receptive to using booklets as thank-you's in their own business and have bought plenty of booklets from me over the years.

Until next time,
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