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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Call Me in Six Months

'Ever heard that before? I heard it yesterday. Not what I wanted to hear, nor is it something you want to hear. I was all revved up to make a large sale -- no, a huge sale. After consistent buying signals from the CEO of a large company last week during a highly produtive meeting, the marketing person (who had not sat in on the meeting with the CEO) said there's just too many fires to put out right now, fires that were more imporant than my proposal. "Call me in six months," said the marketing person after a total of three sentences on the phone with me.

Yes, of course I was disappointed. However I was far from devastated. There's way too many other options, regardless of how ideal a match this particular one would be. I can sit tight and come back to this company down the road. I can go to this company's direct competitor now. I can go off in some other direction. I can follow up with this company immediately, reinforcing direct benefits the marketing person may have glossed over. All of that (and probably more) is possible.

This can be the nature of the beast when dealing with corporations. And the prize can be worth every bit of it.

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