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Monday, February 04, 2008

Follow-on From the UK Connection

Last week's post about lunch with my delightful UK client who has yet to complete a booklet in spite of frequent trans-Atlantic flights brought some useful additional perspective in today's email:

There is another angle to the blog entry, of course, which is along the lines of “life just gets in the way sometimes.” Example: my request for an upgrade to business class (in order to be able to work on the flight back from LA to London) did not come through even though there were seats available. Result I end up in an OK, but non-exit row seat in Coach so not able to open up the laptop or in fact to sleep more than 10 – 15 mins at a time. Outcome: no work on flight (bar some reading), and too tired to work effectively when I got home. In the greater scheme of things, no big deal. However, that planned in-flight work time would have broken the back of a first draft of a booklet. NO excuse of course, but it does reinforce the idea that one must actually schedule time to do the things that you decide to prioritise. Experience indicates that, if you do not do so, those things will not get done.

I am now making the production of a booklet an A item (“must do”), so it will now get done. (It was previously a C; i.e. “would like to….”).


Yes, the point is well taken, indeed.

Until next time,
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