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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Selling Each Other's Booklet

I had an email exchange this morning worth sharing with you. Here goes:

From a booklet author:
Have you thought about perhaps having some program where people who had previously worked withsomeone who bought a quantity sale could get a commission if they successfully placed someone elsewishing to make a quantity sale into a connection with that buyer? I am thinking sometimes people maybe asked by a previous purchaser if they've written a booklet on a specific subject and if they hadn't theymay be open to a commission idea. Thanks again.

My reply:
I have encouraged people (booklet authors) to do this forever. The easiest thing is to look at booklets being sold on my ebooklet catalog to find other titles, since I consider those booklet authors to be the most engaged and serious about making sales. And then approach those authors directly to make individual commission arrangements. You may want to consider putting your own booklet up there for sale, especially since the month is ending and I'll be putting featured booklets of the month of February onto the home page of the site tomorrow night, and announcing new uploads in my monthly ezine next week. The details for selling your booklet on my site are at:

What about you?

Until next time,
Paulette - reminded that we absorb things when we are ready

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