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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Your Opinions About Booklets - You Get to Be Right

The past few days have brought a flow of self-limiting opinions from people curious about doing one or more booklets. On one hand, it's fascinating to hear. On the other hand, it's frustrating to hear!

"My clients wouldn't give a booklet a moment's notice. They are high level executives and just wouldn't be interested."

That was what one prospective booklet author said after that person had phoned me and we had spent over an hour discussing what my company could do for that person's company. I assured the caller that we had a difference of opinion (and experience!), and that I'm not in the business of convincing anyone of anything.

In fact, a booklet is ideal for that busy high level executive. There's good solid information provided in quickly digestable format. It's been delivered to that executive, ideally, from a trusted outside resource who is using the booklet as a tool to market their own products or services, rather than solely using a marketing brochure that has features and benefits.

What self-limiting beliefs are you holding about booklets and other products that can be created from booklets? Holding onto those opinions will keep you stuck there instead of enjoying and experiencing some different results than the ones you're expecting.

Until next time,

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