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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Update on Your Opinion About Booklets

Yesterday brought the opportunity to chat with the client who was convinced that high level executives wouldn't give a moment's notice to a tips booklet. The conversation we had caused my client to make a 180 degree turn on that opinion. What happened?

Well, the original thinking was that the client's company would be sending the booklet directly to that high level executive. As our conversation unfolded, it became clear to the client that was not what I was suggesting in the least. I was suggesting the booklet be sold to other vendors seeking to sell their own products or services to that high level executive, to use the booklet as a promotional tool. Ohhhhhh, well now that's a different story.

The booklet distinguishes the vendor from among the crowd because the executive is receiving something very different from the typical marketing brochure that contains features and benefits of the products or services in question. The booklet has bite-sized how-to's to help the executive become better educated about the topic at hand.

My client hired me to write a booklet after that conversation yesterday. 'Looks like education wins, which was my entire point.

Until next time,
Paulette - who is rarely lacking in persistance

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