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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Giving It Away

Free teleclasses, free articles, free booklets, free consulting. All of them make a lot of money.

I'm doing a lot of free teleclasses and speaking engagements this month. That's not unusual for January in my business. People are coming back into their minds again after the holiday season has passed, ready to move forward. I want to make it easy for them (you!) to do business with my company.

Yesterday I did two teleclasses. In each were people who bought product from me. Several of those people have known of my work for years and years. Yesterday was when they were ready to buy. Had I not done those two free teleclasses, their intention to have this year be when they wrote their booklet could have been postponed.

I give out free booklets in certain situations, typically guided by what I know about the decision making process for buying booklets in bulk, and who the recipients are for those free booklets. The samples often pave the way for sales.

It's always a surprise to me when someone wants to pay me for an article. Yes, there are writers who make their living selling articles. That's not my intent. I'd rather have lots of short articles pepper the Universe so people can easily connect with my company and see that I'm always out there and have been for many years.

Some consulting time is frequently added to a product purchase as an incentive to make an immediate purchase. That's an easy way to build rapport with the client, so it's well worth it for them and me.

I do not advocate randomly giving stuff away for free. Not by a long shot. However, there are many times when it's the very best thing you can do. Take another look at what and where you can do that with your booklet and your business. It may happily surprise you when you see the results.

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