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Monday, January 28, 2008

Life's Little Microcosm

Doing public speaking brings many bonuses beyond the anticipated ones. Last week I had the honor of speaking at a conference. Two different experiences with two different attendees particularly jumped out at me worth sharing with you here today.

1. "I'm 89 years old [he easily looked at least 20 years younger.] I want to know about how to pass the ownership of my book on to someone after my demise." [which sure didn't look or sound like it was going to be anytime soon.]


2."Do you have a discount on your materials for those of us who can't afford it?"[This from a person who got on a plane to attend the conference, paid the conference fee, stayed overnight someplace, and came from a non-profit which apparently expects concsssions 'just because.' I told him I didn't have a discount.]

I am guessing that Person #2 is going to have a very different publishing experience than Person #1 has had. It's probably going to be pretty much a self-fulfilling prophecy, too, I'm guessing.
What's YOUR attitude? Yes, it matters.

Until next time,
Paulette - always happy to be reminded of the choices available in life



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