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Monday, January 21, 2008

Your Booklet Says It All -- About You

I just finished editing a booklet for someone who has a service business. The full-page business profile for this booklet author takes up a prominent spot at the beginning of the booklet, in addition to a full-page About the Author, which I got permission to move to the back of the booklet. Oh, and the booklet also includes full contact info and an introduction, and the cover is currently designed with a long (and cumbersome) title and subtitle, and no space for a bulk buyer company's logo or contact info.

What's the big deal? Well, the author feels strongly that the booklet is solely a marketing tool within a local region. Period, end of conversation. The fact is that even within that region, there are definitely relevant companies and associations who could be contacted to buy this booklet in bulk to use for their own promotional purposes. The author has tunnel vision about this, and is highly committed to the full profile and About the Author to remain exactly where they are, and the cover be designed as described.

The content is information that is in great demand. I know the author, like many, is so close to the information that the focus is solely on using the booklet to prompt individual service clients and that's it. Yes, booklets are intended as marketing tools, revenue streams, or both. It just seems like such major missed opportunities from very small changes. And the booklet does serve as a marketing tool merely from the strength of its content.

It wouldn't surprise me if the author comes back, sometime down the road, and talks about how much more effective a tool this booklet can be by whittling down some of the Profile and About the Author.

Until next time,
Paulette - whose booklet brought (and still brings) lots and lots of business with minimal info in it about moi

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