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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Of a Single Mind

Thinking about what to write in these frequent blog posts and in the monthly newsletter, it's been interersting in the past two days to see colleagues of mine addressing many of the same topics I've been adding to my own list of topics to address. Marcia Yudkin's, the publicity experts, writes in her weekly Marketing Minute about Magnum Opus, that phenom of writing the great work that creates the reputation for all time. Her suggestion is one I discuss in all my speaking engagements -- write shorter pieces rather than waiting to write an entire book that may or may not ever happen. Marcia is also a great fan of booklets.

Judy Cullins, the book coach, had an article in Dan Poynter's newsletter this week about the importance of authors and writers marketing and selling their own publications. That was already scheduled for the main topic of my February newsletter.

And Jill Konrath, the expert on selling to big companies, takes it one step further to define the different kinds of selling environments and decision makers.

I've always been fond of confirmation being a valuable contribution to the lives of our readers. That's what I got reading the articles of these three respected colleagues. Talk about a collective consciousness! I sure got a taste of that this week.

Until next time,
Paulette - loving the synergy of it all

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At 1:03 PM, Blogger DanPoynter said...

Whether you sell out to a publisher or publish yourself, the author must do the promotion.
Publishers do not promote books.
--Dan Poynter, http://ParaPub.com


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