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Monday, February 11, 2008

Playing by the Numbers

I saw it again today -- another excellent booklet where the tips were not numbered. There have been several excellent booklets like this in recent months. One of the earlier ones had no indication of a new tip other than it being a new paragraph. The text basically became a big blur. And the infomation is fabulous.

The booklet I saw today had a graphic indication of a new tip, which was some improvement over the one that blurred. What's the big deal about numbering the tips? It's so much easier to reference and to go back to it. Yes, I know, you can think about the third one on page 3, or the fourth one in a particular section. It's still not the same.

Why make it unnecessarily difficult for your reader? Just number the tips one to the end and make your booklet that much more user-friendly.

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