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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Painless Ways for Associations to Fundraise with Booklet Anthologies

A booklet anthology is a one created cooperatively by a group of people each contributing tips to a single manuscript. The manuscript is organized by appropriate section headings. Each contributor receives attribution for their tips, including their business identification when applicable.

In a member association, there's many ways for the association as well as its members to make mission-related revenue from the sale of the booklet anthology. This can be done without adding an entire new department to the association or a huge new set of responsibilities for any current (or future) association staff member.

An idea that seems most obvious is to sell single copies of the booklet whenever and wherever possible -- at the association's website, at any events, and through whatever advertising and promotional activities that are already part of the overall association's plan. The single copies are sold most often at a stated price. In some places, organizations position the booklet as a fundraiser, stating a minimum price for it, while inviting people to pay whatever they'd like above that price as a contribution to the association. This, of course, is governed by the prevailing charitable contributions laws.

The next idea that can also be obvious is to offer a discounted sale price to those people who contributed tips to the booklet. After all, they have a vested interest in distributing those booklets, either as a give-away or as a product to sell through their own company. In some cases, the tips authors have no other products currently in their business or have none at that end of their pricing structure or in that particular format. The authors are both a ready market and a sales team all wrapped into one.

The third place to look is to any current or potential sponsoring companies of the association. The tips booklet is the perfect promotional vehicle for many companies. The topic of the tips booklet anthology is aligned with the interests of those sponsoring companies. The price of booklets is also usually less than other sponsorship opportunities available within an association, allowing some sponsors to pay less to play, and reap good rewards in the process. It is also highly possible that a very large sponsoring company wants to make a very large purchase of the booklet, allowing money to basically and happily fall into the lap of the association. Sales to multiple sponsoring companies is also possible, especially when the companies are not direct competitors.

The second and third ways (above) of selling tips booklet anthologies are often untapped and not considered when thinking about how booklets can be a sizeable mission-related, non-dues source of revenue.

Look at your own associations to explore doing a booklet anthology and bringing new revenue to your group and to your own business. Contact me to learn more about how easy this is to do, with basically no work at all for the tips contributors!!

Curious? Then let's talk.


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