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Monday, July 11, 2005

Does I-95 mean anything to you?

If you live or ever travel along the road called Interstate 95 on the east coast of the United States, you may be interested in the activities of authors of a book called "Drive I-95 Exit by Exit Info, Maps History and Trivia," by Stan Posner and Sandra Phillips-Posner. This next week you can meet them up close and personal. They are also considering doing some booklets from their material in the near future. Here's an email I got from them today:

Dear friends and fellow travelers,

We just wanted to let you know that we will be signing books at rest areas along I-95 in NJ and MD and we'd love it if you or anyone you know would come by and say hello. Feel free to send this to any friend or relative who lives or works near there. Also listed are the morning TV shows that we will be featured on.You can catch some of them online.

Stan Posner and Sandra Phillips-Posner, authors of the best selling of "Drive I-95 Exit by Exit Info, Maps History and Trivia," a new style map-guidebook with easy-to-follow 30-mile pictorial maps will be offering fun tips for the road and signing books.

They will be dressed up as road signs for this event.
When: July 16, 2005
Where: Along I-95 on the New Jersey Turnpike and Maryland service areas on July 16, 2005 - Stops from North to South

900 a.m. to 1000 am – Molly Pitcher, NJ
Noon to 100 pm – Chesapeake House, MD
300 p.m. to 400 pm – Maryland House, MD

“Drive I-95” offers travelers all the exit details (food, gas, motels, radar traps, radio stations, 24-hour mechanics, ATM machines, golf courses, shopping) and delightful stories. And, of course, part of any car trip includes bathroom breaks. It’s one thing to know where a gas station is, but “Drive I-95” includes “The Best Loo Award” given to the New Jersey Turnpike Rest Areas. First, when have your ever seen a vase of fresh flowers in a bathroom? The sink area is well designed, with holes cut in the counters between the sinks to toss your towel right into the garbage pail below. Lavatories have paper seats available to cover the toilet seat, and for safety's sake, the shelf for your purse is situated low down, away from any prying hands and available to you should you need anything in there. And, in the new spirit of germ-less bathroom design, there are no germy door handles to push open and no doors, only a zig zag entranceway. Men's rooms also have a shelf above urinals for your cell phones, etc., and both have piped-in music.

With the help of “Drive I-95” travelers can custom make their journeys with stops at offbeat museums, artsy towns, and/or places for the kids to play. Along the way they can learn about history that crossed the road, Americana trivia (What color were George Washington's eyes and hair?) and inventions that happened along it.

Thursday morning, July 14th - WTXF Fox 29 Good Day Philadelphia, 630-9 am. Time not set
Friday morning, July 15th WJZ CBS Morning Show segment Coffee With... 645 a.m.
Sunday morning, July 17th WBAL NBC News Weekend Morning 710 a.m.

What People are Saying

“If you are one of those millions of travelers who traverse sections of I-95 each year, Drive I-95 is one book you should keep within easy reach.” Mark Sedenquist, Editor RoadTripAmerica.com

“This user-friendly guide offers an impressive collection of road maps, history, and trivia ideal for tourists and travelers.” Midwest Book Review

“Think of ‘Drive I-95’ as an Oreo cookie...All the good stuff is tucked behind the front and back covers.” John Deiner, Washington Post

“You’re on I-95, but what’s off I-95? Stan and Sandra Phillips-Posner to the rescue.” Jan Shepard, The Boston GlobeFor more information visit www.drivei95.com

Your traveling pal,


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