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Monday, June 27, 2005

"I came in thinking ...

...that a booklet wouldn't apply to my content or my business. I came out thinking I couldn't wait to get started on my first booklet, today!"

Let me count the times I've heard this from people who have attended any of the speaking engagements I've done about booklets during the past 14 years, in person or on the phone. It's been everything just short of a big yawn to having some minor interest in the idea of a booklet. That opening line of thinking both fascinates and challenges me. The attendee's transition in the thought process is more than merely a response to my style as a speaker, though I do know that contributes some piece to it.

It's really more about seeing possibilities that were not noticed before, seeing things through different filters, realizing how low-tech and how do-able it is to create a tips booklet. And now I encourage people to come out of the gate with a product line of three products simultaneously, two of which are directly from the tips booklet manuscript.

All of this doesn't mean the opening line above will change anytime soon. It does mean the transition is likely to happen faster though. Maybe you were one of those people who walked into a seminar room or onto a teleclass on the phone thinking booklets would be a ho-hum and left the session feeling like you were ready to jump out of your skin to get your booklet started. Now look where you are, selling thousands of the booklet at a time, expanding your product line, and feeling like booklets have kinda always been part of your reality. Go figure, huh?

Take your book and slice and dice it into booklets and other formats. Or notice the fact that 'write a book' is still on your 'someday-maybe' list, still not started or completed. A booklet can be done in record time. Re-tool your own speeches into booklets and other formats to generate non-airplane, non-driving income while staying right in your own zip code or postal code. Go through your newsletters to cull from those articles. Listen to the things you are saying over and over again to your prospects, clients, and anyone who will listen.

So, you came to this blog today thinking booklets are whatever you think they are. What's your next step?

For now,


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