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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Results are Everything

Robert Middleton's ezine is one of the few I usually read every time it arrives (which is weekly). His audience is solo professionals worldwide and he focuses on marketing. It's called More Clients, the Online Marketing Newsletter for Independent Professionals from Action Plan Marketing and Robert Middleton. You can see it for yourself by subscribing at http://www.actionplan.com/pdffiles.html

Why I am mentioning him and his work today is because of the topic in the recent issue. He talks about speaking in terms of results. What results do we bring our clients? He talks about how most of them don't want process, they want results.

He hit the nail on the head. By the time we as booklet authors are bringing our products to our clients (especially those bulk buyers of our booklets) they've dealt with process in other ways in their business. They are best served by our booklets bringing them results, and us talking about what those results can be. More often than not, the results relate in some way to helping them achieve greater sales of their own products, services, or a greater platform for their cause.

This is crucial when a booklet author contacts a corporation, association, or publication to sell or license them large quantities of booklets. You're not selling the information in the booklets, hard as that may be to swallow. You're selling them a mechanism to increase the sales of their own product, service, or cause. The booklets are a vehicle for those results. Yes, of course the content is important in the decision-making. However, it's about the results for that decision-maker. The results are more sales.

When you keep this in mind from the earliest contact you have with that prospective buyer, your own sales are bound to increase, since you, too, are interested in results!

From your friendly bottom-line oriented booklet queen,


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