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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Travel-related Booklets - a Noteworthy Trend

I get an ezine from a site called www.TravelMole.com I'm not totally sure why I get it. However, I do find it interesting reading both personally and professionally. An article in today's issue captured my marketing mind enough to want to pass it along to you.

It says that US hotels are spending more marketing money and are changing their advertising to more of a person-to-person approach. Because they spent more last year on their marketing budget, their earnings have been higher.

What does this have to do with you? Well, I know that a number of booklet authors have written specifically on various aspects of travel. If I were one of those authors, I'd start contacting some of the big chain hotels right away, to license or sell fully-produced copies of my booklet(s) for those hotels to use in their person-to-person marketing campaigns. And I'd talk not only about an English version, I'd talk about non-English versions, starting with Spanish and other formats of the same content.

There are some pretty large universes out there when you think of just Marriott alone, and all of their many brands. That could be a highly lucrative path to take. Let me know if you want any help.

Your traveling pal,


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