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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

What do YOU think when you see this?

Here's an article from today's issue of an ezine I recently referenced called TravelMole.com What comes to YOUR mind, especially if you have anything related to weddings or newlyweds?
Marriott International, which recently added about 2,000 wedding-event planners to its payroll, is marketing its wedding business with free honeymoons.
The hotel operator says newlyweds who sign a contract for a wedding reception at one of its properties will get enough Marriott Rewards points on the spot to cover the cost of a honeymoon.

A $15,000 reception is enough to earn six nights in most of its high-end hotels. At $20,000, Marriott will pick up the tab for a seven-night Caribbean cruise, a trip on the Orient Express, or a week at one of its Hawaiian resorts.
Marriott, benefiting from the return of both the business and leisure traveler, is expanding the number of properties it operates and the services it provides to capitalize on positive industry trends. The company has forecast profit gains of as much as 22 percent this year and will add as many as 90,000 hotel rooms in the next three years.

Do you see this as a gold-plated invitation for you to contact Marriott? I would!



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