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Friday, July 08, 2005

Yes or No

My day usually includes at least one conversation with someone about the fact they have many more products already within a book or a booklet they have already done than they realize. In fact, it's happening so much now that I'm contemplating how best to serve this increasing phenomenon.

This week I had conversations with two different clients who thought they each had one product and wanted to know how to sell it. Period.

The first was a couple with an ebook of almost 200 pages. They came to me to ask what I knew about search engine optimization so they could have more traffic at their one-product site to sell this one downloadable almost-200-page ebook. I asked them to send me a copy of the book so I could see what we were talking about. Even before I saw it, I knew they were leaving large amounts of money unearned. When they came to me, they were seeking as many single-copy buyers for their downloadable ebook as possible. And the choice they offered the visitors to their site boiled down to "Would you like to buy this ebook or not?" End of story.

I quickly encouraged them to consider buying an hour of my time that came along with the licensing package I created (total investment of $247). We spent an hour on the phone, first telling them of the several DOZEN products I saw from the content they already had in their book, and then sharing with them some of the huge markets that I thought could be ideal for their content in many formats, going for large-volume sales to individual large entities, not single-copy sales to end-users. They started to get excited.

Now the conversation becomes "Which one of these products/formats is our starting place?" rather than "Would you like to buy an ebook or not?"

Oh, and the best part is that we refined it down to a starting place of 6 products beyond their ebook, all of which cost them nothing (yes, literally nothing) to create, any of which could be parlayed into thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars for each sale of each product, and that could be created within a few hours. We went from a "yes or no" answer to a range of possible choices, vastly increasing the likelihood of a sale, and each sale being at least four digits of money.

The same kind of thing happened with another client who was headed for a trade show, thinking her booklet could be saleable there somehow, and not quite sure how. Her situation was a little different. Her product line was already completely developed in addition to her excellent tips booklet. She has a number of audio CDs, a workbook, and a book (and maybe even another product I'm forgetting at the moment).

She had not yet wrapped her brain around the fact that her products could also be sold in large quantity to individual corporations, associations, and publications for any of them to use as a promotional item, a premium, not to be resold. She already had the structure in place for "Which of these is our best starting place?" Her learning came in making the transition from selling single copies, one at a time, to making very large sales, one at a time! She was also set up with a yes-no situation, just on each single product to buy one unit at a time. I can hardly wait to learn about her experiences at this trade show next week after she gets back.

It's such fun to hear and see you make these gigantic leaps, for the lightbulb to go on, to realize how much more is right there in front of you, waiting for you to notice it. Yes, you! I have yet to talk with a booklet or book author who has realized all the possibilities to sell more of what they've got. Why don't you challenge me to see what it is I can help you identify, to go from a yes-no possibility to "Which one of these is our best starting place?"

Until next time,


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