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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Say It Differently

Do you know there's three primary learning styles represented among the general population? People learn either by what they see, what they hear, or what they physically touch. There's overlap in that you can learn mostly by seeing things yet also from hearing.

'Hearing,' you say? And what's that got to do with booklets anyway?

It means that once you take that tips booklet manuscript and record it as an audio CD, an MP3 audio file, or a WAV audio file, you've now increased the likelihood of your sales to people who prefer learning by listening. Yes, they may find it useful to have a hard copy of your booklet around for reference, but their primary way of learning is from listening.

It means you are listening to what your audience wants when you do that.

And by doing that kind of thing, you are also increasing your own bottom line. People are more inclined to pull out their credit card in their enthusiasm to buy what you've got.

You've got more opportunities to reach the customer base who prefers some interactive way to connect with your content. Put each tip from your booklet onto a card and create a card deck. It's easy to incorporate a single new idea when a card with one tip sits out in view on a desk all week, with another card to be pulled out to focus on for the next week.

Focus on different ways to say the same thing by simply developing your product line to address the main learning styles. You'll see examples of this very thing in my own product line!

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