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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Booklets Boom in Britain

Are booklets limited to success only in America? Not hardly. In fact, today's email brough the following from one of our booklet authors. I thought you'd enjoy seeing it.

Here's an update on a
my client who just looooves booklets

You may recall that I emailed about them before - here's what's happens since.

I first introduced the idea of creating *guides* (booklets) to them just 18 months ago.

Since then...

They have enjoyed an ADDITIONAL £7,000,000 in turnover
and £2,000,000++ EXTRA profit
And have £6,000,000 in the pipeline of what looks like pretty good business

They only spent £256,000 in marketing costs - total!

Not too shabby heh?

I also trained their sales people on how to follow up the booklets requesters
and what to do at the sales call - apart from all the usual brilliant stuff they were already doing.

Thank you for introducing me to tips booklets

Kind Regards

Peter Thomson
Peter Thomson International plc"Sharing the Secrets of Success"
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Until next time,


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