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Monday, August 15, 2005

Minimums, maximums, and everything in between

What's your policy about the minimum number of booklets you'll sell? I didn't used to have a minimum. I'd sell a single copy to anyone who wanted to buy one. As far as the downloadable version, that is still the case. However, I will rarely sell a single copy of the printed version anymore. It's just simply not worth the time to process the order, and it's often not doing the customer any real service.

If I sense or learn that the potential single-copy buyer is someone who is planning to write their own booklet, yes, they have a model of what one finished booklet looks like. That's true. They don't have examples of others, or, more importantly, how to navigate through the production process, or how to sell the booklets once theirs is completed. So what real service have I provided that customer? They would get a copy of the booklet included when they buy a manual or home study course from me anyway, along with all the information they really need to be successful in what they plan to do.

Secondly, if I sense or learn that the potential single-copy buyer is looking for a sample with an expectation of making a large-quantity order, I'd sooner send them a PDF by email for them to see what the content is. They are usually quite satisfied with that, too. Once in a rare while, yes, someone wants to see a hard copy, and I'll put that in an envelope and mail it off to them. I'm not about to be a total stinker about that and shoot myself right in the foot.

Lately, I've been headed in the direction of a 100-copy minimum order. Even that is small for lots of places. It's worth it to me to fill a 100-copy order though. 10 or fewer of those orders go right through a 1,000-piece carton quite easily and effortlessly.

One of the greatest things about being in one's own business is the ability to make decisions, change your mind, and make new decisions.

How about you? What business policies don't seem to serve you anymore that you just haven't gotten around to changing yet?

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