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Friday, August 19, 2005

The Public Broadcasting Model for Booklets

During their prime fundraising periods, Public Broadcasting radio and television (PBS) offer things like a hard cover book for a $100 donation, and a hard cover book plus some audio CDs or DVDs for a $200 donation and so forth.

You know and I know that the same hard cover book at a bookstore does not have a $100 price tag on it. There is a tax-deductible donation involved here with the person who paid the $100 or $200.

What does this have to do with booklets? It's been discussed in numerous venues about approaching non-profits and religious organizations to use a similar model. Sell copies of your booklet to these groups, at whatever your regular wholesale price would be. The organization then offers it out to their constituents with a slight twist on the PBS model. The offer is something like 'anything over $x is a tax-deductible donation to our general funds.' Churches, synagogues, and other non-profits have made substantial money as a result of such an offer.

Look around to see what inroads you already have in your community for your booklet(s). You help them and help your own interests all at the same time.

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