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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Your Own Advice

You're a personal or business coach, a consultant, a speaker, a parent, a friend, a partner, some flavor of human being. If you're like me, you're rarely at a loss when it comes to advice for another person's life. Every so often, I catch myself in the middle of one of those moments, the moments where I notice myself in a thought pattern about something in my business similar to what I've heard from my clients. Of course you understand I have no problem with suggestions for the client. It's great fun to turn the tables on myself though.

I've been writing a new teaching product recently. Periodically I've gotten stuck in what to say next or how to say something or other challenges that can be part of the writing process. Today I was looking at a teaching product someone had sent me, and I started getting concerned about what looked like an overlap in my vision of my own product. In the middle of my thought, I quickly realized a few things. First, the content overlap was minimal. Second, my vision for the visual presentation and packaging of my product is totally different. Third, my approach is one inch wide and two miles deep, rather than the reverse of that which is what I was seeing.

Bottom line (which is a place I always love), do my product anyway, no matter what. The world is huge. There are lots of people who will benefit from my product as well as the other person's, and just get on with it.

Ah, I feel so much better now.

Until next time,

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