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Monday, June 19, 2006

Don't, Avoid, Wait, and Other Non-Useful Suggestions

Do you remember your parents telling you NOT to do things? Don't go there, don't do this, stay away from that. Of course they were understandably concerned for your well-being.

Then you grew a bit older, and it was a different series of what not to do. Don't stay out late, don't go out with that person, don't go to that part of the city, don't smoke, don't drink. Your parents and your teachers wanted and still want what's best for you.

And a little older yet when you heard from your doctor what not to eat, what sunlight to stay out of, what air not to breathe, how not to over-exert yourself with too much exercise to fast.

There is a theme here. You've been told what NOT to do. Does it leave you wondering what TO do?

That's the reason I advocate writing tips that start with a positive verb, telling you (and your reader) what TO do, to accomplish, enjoy, experience, and energize. After all, what fun or usefulness is it to focus only on what NOT to do?

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