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Friday, December 08, 2006

Booklets and Blindfolds

That's what you might as well distribute when your market is Baby Boomers and you're printing your booklets in a small font size. This is something that most younger booklet authors typically have no particular reason to consider unless it's pointed out. However, for the rest of us, we're wearing bifocal contact lenses or bifocal glasses or reading glasses as a matter of everyday life. And we still love to read!

LIke so many other things in life, this presents a product line extension opportunity for you as a booklet author. Consider producing two different versions of your booklet in two different font sizes. Yes, the larger font size will mean more pages and high production costs. It will also open a new market for you, one that will more than pay for the difference in your costs.

Until next time,
Paulette -- grateful for disposal bifocal contact lenses


At 8:57 PM, Anonymous sandy said...

You're absolutely correct. I'm a boomer and I've been looking for a new testament bible in large print for the longest.

But this leads me to another customized reason for booklets. I travel by rapid transit to work and as you know the purses and totes get heavy. Even a newspaper can add extra unwanted weight. I then thought I wish some of my favorite reading was booklet size. Booklets to read while traveling. Even if it's a tip booklet, what better time to read it than while traveling on transit and at lunch breaks etc. So just popping them into the purse doesn't weigh a fortune.

Boomers and those weak arm/back muscles and weak eyes. Anyway: yeah! to booklets for us.


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