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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Booklets - Help Your Clients Buy in Bulk

While meeting with a new advisor in my life, I presented the opportunity for that person to invest in booklets from me. Here's the essence of the follow-up email I sent when he asked for pricing. I lead with 500 copies as the minimum to customize the cover with his name and company contact info.



As we discussed, here is the information about my booklet, "110 Ideas for Organizing Your Business Life" for your promotional purposes.

While I know your initial reaction sounded like 500 copies might be a lot, keep in mind there are many ways to use them to generate business in the immediate and long-term. Here are a few to consider:
  • Give away at events, as you mentioned.
  • Use as a client appreciation gift for any clients, especially those you have infrequent contact.
  • Send to former clients to get your name back on their radar.
  • Make it your "holiday greeting" later in the year or any other time you'd like to feature.
  • Mail to prospects who may have forgotten how terrific you are and can be for them.
  • Send to high level referral sources.

These are ideas that will most likely have you running through 500 copies faster than you may think right now. And you'll probably come up with other ideas, too, once you have them.

So here we go:

"110 Ideas for Organizing Your Business Life" booklet customized with your name and contact information on the front OR back cover in the same purple ink as the booklet title. Includes delivery to your office.

500 copies @ $x.xx ea. $YYY

One new client or one new account with a current client as a result of receiving the booklet, paired with the essence of who you are would more than cover that, right?

You'll see a proof of the cover before it gets printed to be sure the customization is positioned the way you want it. Accepted forms of payment include major credit cards (MC, VISA, AMEX) or check, in full, to initiate the order.
Delivery time is approximately two weeks.

Let me know any questions, and what's next. Looking forward to the opportunity to contribute to your continuing success.



The advisor decided to forgo the customization and ordered 100 copies, at a higher per-copy rate. A sale like that everyday would also be just fine, since it's very likely that 100 copies will go fast and a re-order will come in quite soon.

Who are your advisors, colleagues, vendors? Show them how your booklet can contribute to their success, whether they buy 100, 500, 1,000, or a million!

Until next time,
Paulette - keeping it real


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