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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Booklets - What to Really Say to Potential Buyers

A consultation with a booklet author yesterday drove home the point once again about the requirement of being yourself in your business. "I get so anxious when I go to present myself that nothing comes out right. If I could just say ..."

What came flowing out of her mouth next was EXACTLY what to say. It focused on the value she brings to the buyer, in her own words. Period. No stilted script of someone else's language.

Yes, it's about the benefit you bring to the buyer with your booklet and any other related products and services you have. It's not a long harangue about your alphabet soup of degrees and every project and/or employer you ever had since the invention of dirt. It's a succinct presentation (a couple sentences) about what you bring to enhance your buyer's world. Do you represent their customer based on your buying habits and your life? Because of that, can you get closer to their customer than they ever could? That's the kind of thing that instantly elevates your value, even if there is currently a typo in your booklet or the color of your cover is off by a shade from what you wanted!

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