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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Booklets - Being Different Increases Business

Booklets are different than anything else. That means you stand out from among the crowd when you write a booklet and when you use it as a marketing tool.

Yes, it's different from a book. That doesn't mean writing a book is a bad thing if that's important in your field. You can also write a booklet. It distinguishes you and it sells more copies of your book.

A booklet is different from a marketing brochure, though it certainly serves to market your business. The booklet goes beyond stating features and benefits of working with you and your company.

It's different than a directory. whether you've got some additional information about your business in the directory entry or not. The booklet helps educate your future client/patient/customer. The directory blurb just says you exist.

A printed booklet further distinguishes you. With all the online information readily available for both a fee and for free, your printed booklet lets you stand out. It's like getting a handwritten thank you note from someone rather than an email. With the decrease of direct mail these days, it's so much easier for people to see your booklet when receiving it in the mail from a large quantity buyer of your booklet.

Being different doesn't mean you need to abandon the essence of who you are or do things in any radical way. You can do things in a quiet, subtle way that leaves a huge and positive impact about you, your business, and how you can best serve more people.

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