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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Booklets - The Same and Different

You've repeatedly looked at things you've written over the years and wonder what else you can do with what you've got. All the while, that nagging thought echoes in the back of your head, wondering if everyone doesn't already know all this stuff anyway. No, they don't, by the way.

Mix it up. Take your articles, tips sheets, workshop handouts, speaking outlines, case studies, books, and everything else you've got. Take pieces of those things. Make short tips. Put 3500 words worth of those tips into a booklet. Announce the birth of the new product and watch people clamor to what you've got.

New people are coming into your circle all the time. And the people who have followed you for awhile forgot some/a lot/all of what they learned from you in the past. Change a piece of something. No need to throw out an entire product or presentation.

Use parts of the same information you've delivered before and see different results now. The moment and the format are different. It can happen as quickly as you decide you want it to. Go on.

Until next time,
Paulette - who loves leveraging


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