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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Booklets - Too Close to See the Starting Point

Last weekend I spoke at an event about marketing books. Most of the attendees had written at least one book. When later looking at the website of some of them, while there was truly a wealth of information on their site, it became obvious to me that the wealth of information also became a detriment to them.

In one case, there was a topic I was personally interested in, as a newcomer to the topic. What I found was that the site owner's expertise was represented at only an advanced level and not at a beginner level. This person has had a lot of success as an expert, yet wondered why sales were difficult at the website. My hunch is because those who were starting as beginners were only being offered the advanced information.

This can be an easy oversight the longer you've been establishing your expertise. Remember there are many people who want what you have. However, in many cases, they need to start at the beginning so they can grow with you and keep coming back for the next level of knowledge as they are ready for it.

Do a booklet with basic information, and do it now.

Until next time,
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