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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Booklets - Business Relationships Now and Later

Whether you are thinking about how to write a booklet or you're focusing on marketing your booklet, it is and will always be about the people you encounter every step of the way. Stay conscious and abundant in your thinking so you can best serve everyone, including yourself. Here are a few all-too-likely scenarios.

  • A large-quantity prospect is expecting you to jump through many (potentially non-lucrative) hoops from the start. Like many relationships in life, it is unlikely to get better when it starts like that and may well get worse. Move on.
  • Someone had a challenge with buying a downloadable product from your website. It was Sunday. You were actually away from your computer for a change. Within a couple hours, they canceled the order and made a range of widely inaccurate assumptions about your business. What to do? Handle what you can, stay professional, fix your website, lick your wounds, and realize there are zillions of other people in the world. Getting nuts accomplishes nothing.
  • A client offered successful introductions on your behalf, without your requesting them. The client "gets it" about who you are and the value you bring. What do you do to thank that person, to reward their behavior?
  • A vendor sent you referrals who turned out to be the ideal customers.You may have been dealing with that vendor only a short time or for years. Something more than a simple "thank you" via email would be a really good move on your part, don't you agree?

Yes, it's been an interesting week in the lives of a number of people in the booklet business, which is really not much different than many other businesses when it comes down to it. How are you treating the people in your business circles?

Until next time,
Paulette - seeing the week ending well and knowing "that's life"


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