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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Booklets - What's Logic Got to Do With It?

Strategies in writing, producing, marketing, and selling your tips booklet are good -- as starting points. Sometimes the intended strategy prevails as a good way to proceed and other times it becomes apparent that a course correction is needed.

It's often like learning the commonly accepted rules so you can break them or, instead, realize they won't serve you if you veer away from them. Different situations require different solutions.

Writing the booklet in tips format serves a certain learning style and market, and not others. Creating the booklet so it is 4" x 9" works in many situations and not others. If 3M wanted the booklet to be 2" x 2" so it could be packaged with a pad of Post-It notes, and they wanted 3 million units of it at that size, you'd certainly accommodate that. If a company wanted to use your booklet imprinted with their logo and contact information as their holiday greeting to 10,000 addresses on their client and prospect list, it really wouldn't matter much if they were on your original target market list, would it?

Start with what makes sense and be responsive to what else shows up if that works for you and for the client.

Until next time,
Paulette - who has seen many things that defied logic


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