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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Booklets - Attention Grabbing Hooks - Part 2

Earlier this week you saw the first 13 of 27 ideas presented by my local San Diego colleague and client, Henry DeVries. Here are the remaining 14 in his list. You now have more than two years' worth of monthly promotional hooks for your tips booklet and any other products/services in your business.


14. The Insider Advice Hook. Research industry insider tips that you can pass along to consumers. The media welcome helpful advice and view it as a public service. Vagabond Inns turned its "Innsider Travel Tips" into a national story carried by Associated Press.

15. The Hall of Fame Hook. Create a special type of award that honors the most outstanding people. Outside of their store Road Runner Sports created the runner's Run of Fame, with running shoe imprints in the sidewalk cement with some of the all time great marathon and triathlon runners.

16. The Contest Hook. These are always a winning idea for publicity. The best publicized contests contain an element of humor and the media can use them to add entertainment value to the news. A small bed and breakfast inn in New England received national coverage about its recipe contest to find the best chocolate chip recipe to serve guests. At Book Expo America, a spelling bee in honor of the book The Bee Season let booksellers vie for the smartest wordsmith title.

17. The Prediction Hook. What will the world be like in five, ten or twenty-five years? Dust off your crystal ball. Next to numbers, the media like a bold prediction from an expert.

18. The Event Hook. Create an event and spread the word. For example, QuikTrip convenience stores created four costumed mascots and took them on a store tour (who wouldn't want to meet a rooster, donkey, ram and dog?). The press always turns out for the National Hardware Show when Popular Mechanics conducts its Editors' Choice Awards. The magazine's editors select their top picks and then recognize winning exhibitors during a special awards reception.

19. The Petition Hook. Start a petition drive for a cause. You can even have the petition handled online at a Web site. Sites such as PetitionOnline.com allow anyone to start a petition for free.

20. The Myths Hook. Perception vs. reality is always a popular media topic. What myths could you bust? The media welcomes the chance to put urban legends and old wives tales to rest.

21. The Recipe Hook. The food section is in search of a new recipe or two. Combining this with the seasonal hook works, like football food for Super Bowl or no-cook ideas for the dog days of summer.

22. The History Hook. What happened on this date 10, 25 or 50 years ago? More important, how does it tie into what you are doing today?

23. The List Hook. Lists of the best, worst, most, longest, highest, top and so on are a media staple. Mr. Blackwell became famous with his annual list of worst dressed. Another example is PETCO pet stores, which created its list of top ten holiday gifts for pets. What list do you have the authority to issue? This can also take the form of awards. At the New York International Gift Fair promoted personal care and wellness products with a "Best New Products Awards" competition.

24. The Quiz Hook. Let people test their smarts. You can make it true or false, multiple choice or fill in the blanks. Don't forget the answer key. The Action Sports Retailer convention featured a "Skateoperdy" game show take off on the TV show "Jeopardy!" Eight skate shop owners vied for cash prizes in a skateboard trivia contest.

25. The Op Ed Hook. Writing a commentary is a sure way into print. If you are not ready for an essay on the opinion and editorial pages, consider writing a letter to the editor.

26. The Index Hook. Create your own index. Moet Champagne created a list of some luxury items -- such things lobster, caviar, diamond bracelets and a bottle of Moet. The total cost was compared with the amount they would have cost last year, and the Moet Index was born.

27. The Checklist Hook. Oops, you know about this one. You are reading it.

Henry DeVries
New Client Marketing Institute


Until next time,
Paulette - starting to think about 2011's promotional calendar now


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