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Friday, August 20, 2010

Booklets -Primary and Secondary Publicity

Marcia Yudkin made some excellent suggestions in her Marketing Minutes ezine this past week, things that are easy to do to stay in front of people who buy booklets. Doing even one thing can lead to a sale you had no reason to consider much less find easy to generate by other methods.


The Marketing Minute
by Marcia Yudkin, Marketing Expert and Mentor


When you've achieved recognition or public results, let media outlets and your own followers know. That's secondary publicity. Secondary publicity might focus on what happened or on why it happened as it did. You can see the latter approach at work in a feature the popular site EzineArticles.com published about me last week.

When they approached me about a possible case study, I selected my hig-value approach to article marketing and repurposing content as the theme, knowing they hadn't covered it in their series and that it fit their corporate philosophy.

Some less often seen routes to secondary publicity include:

  • Submit testimonials to vendors about the results you've enjoyed using their tools.
  • Create a step-by-step "how we did it" article for a trade journal, local business paper, or industry forum.
  • Tell your affiliate network what you've achieved, which gives them an excuse to promote you.
  • Use something you've done as a hook to stir up controversy. Secondary publicity can introduce you to audiences who've not yet heard of you and add a beneficial halo for those who do know you.
Read the EzineArticles case study: http://tinyurl.com/ezacase


Until next time,

Paulette - who appreciates being reminded about these things, too!


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