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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Booklets - What Did You Say?

Every so often, a booklet author "hits a wall" in their sales efforts. Of course this is not reserved for only booklet authors. That happens in many industries with many products that seem like they would be the ideal solution for the buyer.

There are any number of reasons why this happens, some of which can be remedied by you and others are part of the age-old reality that sales is often a "numbers game." Some of the best bulk booklet sales I've made have come from among the least likely sources.

Here are a few thoughts to ponder, in no particular order:

1. Look at who is already spending money on marketing and advertising. They have the budget and the mindset, whether they seem to be a logical buyer for you or not.
2. Be sure to lead with how your booklets can benefit the business or association you are approaching. The benefit frequently deals with increasing profit, saving money, or distinguishing them from among others in their industry.

3. Give options so the conversation is "which is our starting place" rather than "do you want to buy this booklet or not." The option may be a different format of your content or a lower out-of-pocket expenditure to test the results of using your product, or many other possibilities.

4. Talk to the decision maker rather than an intermediary as early in the process as possible. This minimizes the details getting lost in the translation from an intermediary who is charged with gathering facts.

5. Ask what their reluctance or hesitance is when they are not immediately buying. You may or may not be able to resolve this with a modified approach.

6. Realize that every prospect is not your client. Move on to find those who are.

Until next time,
Paulette - who has had lots and lots of "no's" mixed in with the "yes's" over the years, a million copies later.


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