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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Booklets - Follow Up in Duplicate Duplicate

A quick follow up of an email with a voice mail or a quick follow up of a voice mail with an email can make the difference in making a booklet sale or not. Sometimes you won't even know that something has fallen through the cracks from one of those communication formats unless you make contact in multiple ways.

Today brought a glowing example of that very thing. I got an email from someone. His phone number was in the signature file of the email so it served as an invitation to pick up the phone to reach out. The phone was answered by voice mail, so I left a message. And then I followed up with a summarizing email.

Good thing that I did. The person I was contacting saw the call and source on the caller ID while on a different call on his cell phone. Apparently he had not yet fully set up his telephone's voice mail feature and couldn't access my voice mail. Had I not followed it with an email that included my phone and email address, we probably would not have connected. What a loss that would have been for both of us, since it looks like we will have some excellent business to do together.

The double double contact allowed us to go forward.

Until next time,
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