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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Booklets - Life Changing or No Big Whoop

On any given day, someone reports back that discovering the concept of creating a tips booklet has changed their (business or professional) life for the better. On that same day, the polar opposite reaction can be experienced, that a booklet is a lowly outcast of the real thing, you know, a book.

Both responses are correct because they are opinion not fact. Yes, opinion is very important in much of your business decision-making. It's up to you to determine which opinions are the most predominant and worthy of acknowledgment.

When an opinion is supported by a lot of knowledge, it can have more weight and credibility than otherwise. For instance, when a person reacts based on seeing a booklet sitting next to a book, and that's the entire basis of their opinion, they have missed a huge amount of what's possible with a booklet. Here are just a few things that render a booklet MORE useful than a book:

* It costs less in time and money to write and produce since it is shorter.
* It can be sold faster because it costs less.
* It lets a reader "test drive" the information so they can have more later with a book.
* It can be more easily used as a give-away and promotional tool since it's smaller and costs less.

That's only four reasons of the dozens that exist. So, if you find yourself on the receiving end of someone looking down their nose at you when you talk about your booklet, remind yourself that they have yet to know the brilliance that a booklet can bring, as you laugh yourself all the way to the bank.

Until next time,
Paulette - who knows, first-hand, what selling a million copies of a booklet really means


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