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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Booklets - Creating Their Own Place

With technology advancing so much over the years, and self-publishing increasing more than ever, and more people writing more books, and social networking abounding, people often ask if tips booklets still have a place on the planet. The question is usually focused on printed tips booklets rather than downloadable ones.

Tips booklets never "had" a place. Tips booklets created their own place! Yes, there have been other small publications much earlier in history. And there have been instructional booklets, which aren't quite the same at all in my opinion.

Many people have written tips sheets (Top Ten Tips, for instance) to give away; they included tips in larger works; and sold or gave away single copies of their tips writing to end users, which is where I started, too.

Then a customer saw a copy of the tips booklet and decided to have it imprinted with their company name and contact information to send to their clients and prospects as that year's holiday greeting. And one thing led to another about ways to use the booklets to promote the corporate or association buyers' business. Little by little, tips booklets created a different place for themselves, as a promotional tool that educated people along the way.

As time went on, that place broadened. The tips were licensed for translation into other languages, or used in other contexts or formats. And it all started from a bunch of tips intended to educate people.

So, do tips booklets still have a place? More than ever!

Until next time,
Paulette - curious to discover what other places tips booklets can and will go


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