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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Booklets - They Don't Know

Do you tend to assume that people who read your booklet or are prospective bulk booklet buyers know what you're talking about? Or that they already know the benefits of buying your booklet to help promote their business ? After all, it's completely and totally obvious to you, isn't it? And you believe you're dealing with intelligent people, right? So why wouldn't they already know?

Well guess what? They DON'T know a whole lot of what you haven't told them.

This all comes to light for me each and every time I do a revision of any of my instructional products. While I think I've been thorough and easy to understand the first (or last) time I wrote or revised the product, it becomes obvious that certain things need clearer or more in-depth explanation for someone first coming to the body of information.

That doesn't even include the matter of what has changed since the previous edition. Depending on your topic, there can be many changes. My tips booklet, however, is a great example of (accidentally) writing something that is known as an "evergreen." It is truly still as valid today as it was in 1991.

This is all the more reason to make your tips booklet the first approach people have to your information, and why the best way you can serve your people is by being as basic and simple as humanly possible. There is plenty of time to create more expanded products that take your reader/buyer to more advanced levels and your business' bottom line to greater heights.

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