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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Booklets and Top Ten Lists

Whether you're a life coach who has been taught to create "top 10 lists," or a fan of the late-night television talk show host, Dave Letterman and enjoy his humorous "top 10 lists," there's something there to look at as a booklet author or would-be booklet author.

If you've already been busily creating those lists over time, you probably have ten or twelve of the lists, and have the makings of a tips booklet by combining them into one document. It may take some editing to make them tips, telling your reader what to do, or to bring the word count down per tip. Either way, you probably already have a booklet.

Or, you may have a booklet done, and are looking for ways to further leverage your content. You can break out the document into numerous Top 10 lists from among the booklets content you already have. Adding a paragraph at the beginning and another at the end, with your contact info for the "Resource box," and you've got articles to post far and wide all over sites on the Internet.

Either way, you've got easy access to more product from what you already have. Now THAT was easy, wasn't it?

Until next time,
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