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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Booklets - Asking, Reminding, and Assuming

You know what assuming gets, right? It often closely relates to writing fiction, creating stories in your mind that can have little to do with reality. That comes into play when marketing your booklets and any other part of your business. You think you know what the client or prospective client wants, based on, uh, what? That they didn't reply to your email or voice mail? That they asked you questions about the booklet? That they didn't jump in instantly with a mega-size purchase?

Ok, now, put like that, I'm sure it looks more ridiculous than it felt when you pondered all of the above experiences.

How about this - they have other things going on in their life and your booklet was lower on the priority list. Or they didn't know the questions to ask you (as in they didn't know what they didn't know) , so they went silent.

Or the email didn't reach them.

Or they couldn't find your contact information.

Years ago I recall a colleague saying that sometimes when the phone didn't ring, all it meant was that the phone didn't ring, no matter how creative the story in our mind got about it.

So before you indulge yourself in such creative story telling, be the one to ask the questions of your client or prospective client. Ask them how they might use the booklet, as you guide the possibilities with your questions. Remind them of possibilities, of things they knew or never knew, including pricing and customization options. Do the part that is yours to do in the interaction.

Then serve them as best you can. What one thing can you change in how you've been approaching all of this up until now?

Until next time,
Paulette - who wrote this post as much as a reminder to herself as to you


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