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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Booklets and Business Collaborations

2010 (is that two thousand ten or twenty ten?) has started with collaborations as the theme here at www.tipsbooklets.com In large measure, it is with people who I've known for many years as we've built business relationships in one way or another. These are just a few among the dozens (if not hundreds!) of colleagues I am always eager to recommend to my booklet authors.

Bob Erdmann is THE foreign publishing rights guy, for literally decades. It's great to remind my booklet authors to consider Bob's foreign rights program to expand the reach of their publishing efforts. Contact him now if you're interested. His catalog is closing soon.

Marcia Yudkin has developed products and services for product development and publicity that are ideal for booklet authors. She never ceases to amaze me with the useful perspectives she shares every week in her Marketing Minute.

Yanik Silver creates products and experiences for booklet authors to promote themselves on the Internet, in a huge way. There's a teleclass series starting next week on licensing.

Robert Middleton is the Action Plan guy whose focus is on teaching people to take action to market their small business. He continues attracting people to his work in droves.

Brian Jud focuses on selling books in large quantities to companies and other non-bookstore buyers. He has created several programs to do that for authors after being in this business for many years. He continuously promotes his colleagues in his twice-monthly newsletter.

Joan Stewart is the Publicity Hound, showing booklet authors how to generate publicity for their products and services from her perspective and from that of her loyal followers every week in her newsletter.

Each of these people understands the power of collaboration. It's certainly a large part of what has made each of them the success they are. They realize that everyone involved in any deal must benefit for anyone to benefit. They often go beyond the obvious to create new business relationships. By the way, most of these people have also written at least one booklet at some point, too.

Who is an ideal collaboration partner for you and your business? When will you approach them to open the conversation?

Until next time,
Paulette - looking forward to a weekend of formalized business collaboration in San Francisco this weekend



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