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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Licensing - An Entire Series Starts Next Week

You may have read or heard about licensing your booklet and your booklet's content. It's something I tripped over many years ago and have done numerous times. It's untapped income for many information product developers.

Yanik Silver, the hugely successful Internet marketer, not only knows about licensing. He knows the value of teaching others about it. In fact, I'm honored by the fact he's invited me to be one of several people he interviews in a 6-session series that starts next week.

He's added some bonuses onto this series that are more than I'd ever be offering. If you already own my licensing package, that's all the more reason for you to invest in this. It goes the next steps beyond what I've put together.

And even if you can't attend the sessions live, you can invest in the recordings and receive the bonuses. He's also likely to increase the price of this after this initial offering.

Ready to sign up? Go here.

I'm including the entirety of one of his recent emails so you can see for yourself how much he really does "get" it. He also answers some frequently asked questions:


A few days ago I sent you an email about a weird way that I've been
using to create multiple sources of revenue that I just made
available called...

"Underground Licensing Profits Masterclass"

This 6 part LIVE series walk you through all the different ways you
can "Rent" your existing content to create brand new profit streams
that require virtually zero work after they're set-up one-time. The
first class begins on February 4th so the deadline to sign-up is
February 3, 2010.


Find out all the details here:



This MasterClass has created quite a stir in our world. And since
the deadline is coming up I didn't want you to miss out because I
might have missed telling you everything you needed to know or
maybe I didn't answer your questions.

That's why I've put together a list of "frequently asked
questions" in this e-mail to dispel any confusion and
answer any remaining questions you might have about this one-time
only Masterclass.

QUESTION #1 - "Isn't licensing really complex and complicated?

Yes and no.

There a lot of different variations of licensing that make it
complex but we're only focusing on one tiny sliver for smart
entrepreneurs, information marketers and content creators.

The easiest way to explain licensing is to think of Mickey Mouse.
Companies pay Disney millions and millions of dollars to 'license'
the right to use Mickey on all sorts of products. Disney doesn't
manufacturer them - they simply collect the cash. (In fact, over
$15B per year!)

You have valuable property (which you might not even realize) that
other companies are eager to license.

QUESTION #2 - "But I'm not Mickey Mouse, KISS or Donald Trump, how
can my business possibly take advantage of licensing?

Most of us (me included) aren't going to license our names or
designs for t-shirts, buildings or 100s of other products. But
there's a tiny sliver of the licensing world that makes all the
sense in the world for us information marketers or content creators...

In fact, there are 6 very profitable (and simple) ways you can
license your material that I explain in the presentation on the
site. I'll introduce you to real-world people who have been quietly
cashing-in (like I have) without anywhere near as famous as Mickey

For example, I've licensed many of my works to Japan. I have
friends making a killing selling their fitness products in Spanish
and German. But that's just one way. I've licensed one of my info
products to a person in the Veterinary marketplace.

Or my friend Bob S., who took one single proven sales letter and
did a 15-minute tweak to it and then rented it out to 11 different
companies - who paid him hundreds of thousands in royalties to use

How about Brendon B.? He went from nearly bankrupt to figuring this
out. In the process he got a major non-profit to pay him for his
material for each and every student they work with. And the kicker
is they reach 250,000 kids a year! (Kaching!)

There's also C.J. H.? C.J. decided to take her educational material
and let 700 other trainers and coaches from 13 different countries
teach it. Now she's got automatic revenue rolling in and she can
focus on her passion of helping social entrepreneurs.

And you'll love this one...Paulette E., has been profiting for nearly
two decades by letting a company produce and repurpose her little
3,500 word tips booklet.

Awesome, right? If this sounds intriguing...you'll want to watch the
informative presentation here:

QUESTION #3 - "Isn't this stuff about licensing already out there?
Why would I want to be on these calls?"

Finding the right information can be seriously challenging. Even if
you do a search for licensing on the internet, you're going to come
up with a whole bunch of stuff... but nothing that'll piece it all
together, especially for information markets or content creators
like us.

I know because I've been there, and tried to get information and
actually spent thousands learning about this while spinning my
wheels and making more false starts than a 3rd grade swim meet...

This is cutting edge stuff that no one, I mean no one is talking


QUESTION #4 - "What if I don't have an information product or

Even if you don't think this applies to you - you can
still be the 'middle man' or broker and bring 2 parties
together. There is a significant untapped opportunity here.

Think about the potential here. You simply approach someone with a
great product or content and tell them you're going to show them
ways to create new profit streams that pay them each month. Don't
you think they'd be eager to hear about this? Hell yeah! In fact,
I'd be interested in finding a licensing broker that can get our
deals done.


QUESTION #5 - "Do I need to be on all 6 live sessions?"

Absolutely not! I understand we are all busy. You'll get to listen
in on all 6 Underground Licensing Profits MasterClass sessions and
ask questions on the line. But if you cannot make it - you'll get
access to all the calls right on your computer. So if you can't
make a call or want to review the information - you can always
reference it. You'll also be able to download them and rip them to
your MP3 player or iPod if you like.

QUESTION #7 - "What else do I need to do in order to take advantage
of licensing in my business?"

Not much.

Because there are some special unique bonuses we're throwing in to
get you on the fast-track immediately!

Bonus #1: Licensing Agreements You'll get a series of licensing
agreements and contract examples for you to use, swipe and model.
(Note: You still might want to check with an attorney but at least
this will save you significantly in fees.)

Bonus #2: Top Secret Licensee Directory: You'll get access to a
directory filled with potential licensees who are eager to market &
sell your product in their country, in their niche or to their
group of customers.

Bonus #3: Your Listing in the Content Licensor Directory: You'll
also get a listing to showcase your information product, idea or
content that's available to potential licensees. This way potential
licensees will seek you out.

QUESTION #7 - "When does this start?"

The 6 LIVE telephone sessions with me interviewing several
real-world experts will start Feb 4th and continue approx 2/week
until Feb 23rd, 2010

And don't worry if you cannot make every call, as I said earlier,
we'll be recording the whole thing and you will have access to
listen and review all the calls.


Go here now for all the details:


Like I said at the beginning, I just wanted to send you
this email to clear up any questions you had, but if you
still have any other questions or concerns please do not
hesitate to open up a ticket @surefiremarketing.com/support and a
member of our customer support term will be happy to help you.

Please check it out now before the deadline - this Masterclass goes
away on February 3 at midnight. Don't kick yourself for missing

All the best,

Yanik Silver

P.S. And if you watch the presentation 'til the end there's a
special bonus linked to my upcoming Underground Online
Seminar 6 where you can get the Licensing Profits MasterClass for

That's right because the Early-Bird deadline for Underground 6 is
February 3rd too - and we're throwing in this entire MasterClass
for all early-bird sign-ups.


Until next time,
Paulette - excited to see Yanik's commitment to bringing licensing information to you



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