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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Booklets - Formal and Informal Education and Formats

How do you like to learn? Do you prefer a formal, measured approach or are you more like me, learning by observation of what goes on in life as it happens, happily tripping over things in the self-discovery process?

Do you learn best by reading, listening, interacting, or some of each? Can you focus yourself enough to do it without someone imposing a schedule on you?

Once you look at your own preferences, it becomes more obvious why it's important for you to provide your knowledge, your expertise in a variety of ways so that you best serve your clients and your business.

A tips booklet is the starting point to other ways to deliver your information. A scheduled teleclass (based on your booklet) that's recorded and even transcribed covers a wide range of preferences, too.

Offering some information for free and attaching a price to other information also fills the range of possibilities. After all, some people want to dip their toe in the water first before investing time and money with you, while others view a free offer as having little merit.

You can learn a ton about growing your business by attending a series of free teleseminars next week, where I will be one of a dozen experts teaching about everything from managing and marketing your business to time management, tips booklets, promotion, and much more. You'll also have the opportunity to get the recordings of these sessions. Get more info and sign up at


Go to this link to explore some other upcoming learning opportunities I'm involved with that you'll want to

attend, especially if you're a Virtual Assistant or know one.


Until next time,

Paulette - bringing you learning opportunities where one size does not fit all





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