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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Booklets - Doing It Differently

Over the past almost two decades, many people have shared their opinions with me (and maybe with you, too) about booklets. The opinions range from "what a great way to (quickly and easily) become a published author" to some variation of "but that's not a real (credible) way to get published" and many other flavors in between.

Yup, they're all right, based on their individual perspective.

Some people caved in -- um, I mean heeded the advice of family and friends who discouraged them. Others politely or otherwise thanked those folks and went on to create excellent results, using one or more booklets to generate money and marketing opportunities.

Now there is increasing conversation in the traditional publishing industry these days about what to do with ebooks (not booklets) -- how to price them, at what point to make them available in the process of the printed versions, and all of that. Someone, and actually several someones, are taking the risk to do it differently than it's been done before. I personally applaud them for it. It's how progress happens. Those who are willing will stick out their neck so those who are more cautious will feel comfortable following the trail that was blazed. We've been doing ebooklets right along side of printed booklets for almost ten years!

The more reinventing that goes on, the more everyone benefits. You can see what some people before you have done so you can expand on that. As the calendar year is winding down, treat yourself to a bunch of printed booklets. Use them to expand your knowledge, to motivate you toward your next steps, to give as gifts, or to show your family and friends that others thought doing a booklet was a great idea! Go check it out now.

Booklet Mystery Grab Bag

Until next time,
Paulette - who loves showing how something CAN be done, a million copies later

Booklet Mystery Grab Bag

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